Established in 2011, Amber was created to fulfil the need for a responsibly sourced, single origin, Australian Certified Organic coffee (ACO). ACO certified coffee must meet some of the strictest criteria in the world complying with both International and Australian standards.

Amber beans are 100% organically grown, farmed under strict guidelines and without the use of synthetic fertilisers or pesticides. The coffee is traceable back to each farm where the beans were grown with Amber being sourced from a collective of farms in Honduras.

The liquid amber colour of this organic coffee gave rise to its name - Amber. Symbolic of a gem like amber hue, Amber Organic Espresso casts a precious honey like resin in each espresso extraction.

Knowing that you are drinking coffee that has been grown, processed and roasted in harmony with nature and environment makes you feel good inside.


Amber Organic

This Single Origin coffee is 100% organically grown and processed in the surrounds of the village of Corquin in the department (state) of Copan, Honduras.

Amber Organic beans produce a sweet tasting single origin espresso and velvety milk based coffees reminiscent of creamed honey. This single origin reveal hints of almonds, wafer and hazelnut praline in the cup.