Hyphen Espresso

Hyphen Espresso is a coffee that brings people, places, food, friends and family together. Like the grammatical symbol that joins words, a Hyphen coffee joins people in conversation.

Hyphen coffee is expertly roasted using quality green beans together with dedication and a passion for great coffee.

Hyphen coffee is found where people meet and where conversation flows. It is a sure crowd pleaser and a local café favourite that is guaranteed to get everyone talking.

So what’s stopping you? Catch up over a coffee! Get together, connect and stay connected with an awesome Hyphen espresso!


Hyphen Blends

Hyphen 3820

Hyphen 3820 is a locally roasted combination of Brazilian and Colombian beans that produces a medium to dark roast specialty coffee. It blends beautifully with milk producing a smooth velvety texture, lending itself nicely to lattes and flat whites.