NorthSouth Espresso

NorthSouth Espresso is a fresh strong brand of coffee with its heritage born on Australia’s coastline.

From the northern most tip to bottom southern shores, NorthSouth captures the taste of our great vast land surrounded by its beautiful oceans. With its DNA entrenched in a nautical and coastal inspired theme, NorthSouth conjures up images of coffees consumed along sandy beaches, on sunny blue sky days, through to warm coffee gripped against a back drop of rugged coastlines, cold southerly winds and overcast skies.

NorthSouth Espresso utilises quality green beans, roasting them according to strict roast curves, with exhaustive testing and cupping of each batch. Quality and consistency of taste is the cornerstone of NorthSouth Espresso and we subscribe to a no-nonsense, no variation philosophy that charts a tight course.


NorthSouth Blends

NorthSouth 33

Our NorthSouth 33 blend is a combination of Arabica and A-grade Robusta beans, which combine to produce a classic espresso. A delicate balance between strength and sweetness, NorthSouth 33 has a taste which is chocolatey in nature, with lingering caramel tones. It is ideal both as a black or a milk-based coffee.

NorthSouth 38

NorthSouth 38 has a slightly darker profile than our 33 blend, giving it a thick crema and taste that cuts through milk. This blend combines Indian Parchment Robustas with naturally processed Ethiopian beans, a complex coffee which is perfect as a black or milk-based espresso. Dark chocolate, toffee and praline tones create a long-lasting smooth finish.

NorthSouth Colombian

Our Colombian single origin adds warmth and brightness and completes our coastal inspired NorthSouth coffee range. Selected from high growing regions, this single origin is roasted delicately to preserve the terroir of Colombia, with vibrant and complex acidity and spices. Optimised for a long black or espresso this origin presents with blackcurrants, cinnamon and brown spices. Full bodied and deliciously sweet in milk.