BlendCo Brands

Our BlendCo range of products are designed to support all our hero brands. Quality products which are subtle in design yet full of flavour and character. Our BlendCo range is made to do the heavy lifting supporting cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, hospitals and function centres across a broad range of every-day use products.

BlendCo Chocolate

BlendCo drinking chocolate is ideal for dusting cappuccinos and even better for making delicious hot chocolates. The 20% cocoa content produces a rich and silky-smooth hot chocolate. In two easy to use 1kg soft pack bags per box.

BlendCo Chai

Our Chai is available in two varieties; a Vanilla Chai and a Spiced Chai. Ready to dissolve in milk, Chai is a perfect alternative to coffee or chocolate. The Vanilla Chai is smooth and sweet whilst the Spiced Chai is an authentic blend of natural spices that deliver pure wholesome flavour in every cup. Each comes in a handy box containing two 1kg soft packs per box.

BlendCo Liquid Coffee

House blend pure brewed liquid coffee by BlendCo is a unique product available in a 3.78 litre box. Two 1.89 litre bags in box packs are designed to fit into our Bravilor liquid coffee machines designed to provide freshly brewed, filtered coffee at the touch of a button. Brew ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ideal for where large volumes of coffee are needed fast in hotels, hospitals and function centres.

Fast, unique, and smart -delivering freshly brewed filtered coffee in a safe contactless way.

BlendCo Instant Coffee and Tea

Instant coffee by BlendCo is available in both Brazilian freeze dried and decaffeinated granulated forms. Available in portion control sticks or 250gm soft packs for bulk use or vending machines.

Kenyan instant tea by Blendco is also available in a 250gm soft pack. Ideal for bulk or for use in vending machines.

BlendCo Sugar

Sugar by BlendCo is available in white, raw and liquid forms. White and raw come in portion control sticks, 1,000 per carton, whilst our liquid sugar is available in a 1 litre syrup bottle, ideal for use with our syrup pump in high volume outlets.

BlendCo Syrups

BlendCo syrups are perfect for flavouring any style of coffee. Available in the 3 most popular flavours of caramel, hazelnut and vanilla in an easy to use 1 litre bottle and available with syrup pumps.