The Ants Pants Espresso

The Ants Pants Espresso is quite simply the best of the best. It’s the bee’s knees and the duck's nuts rolled into one. It is both outstanding and exceedingly good which means it goes straight to the pool room!

The Ants Pants is the ultimate locally roasted coffee being roasted in four separate locations around Australia. The South Coast and East Coast of Victoria, The Central Coast in New South Wales and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland – any more local than that and we would have to roast at your place!

Delicate green beans, individually picked for their fine character and aroma, are hand roasted by our four roasters to create simply awesome tasting espresso and filter coffees.



Crackerjack is a blend of Colombian and Honduras arabicas that result in a sweet taste perfectly balanced in milk with notes of cashew, toffee and lemon zest.

Bonzer (Big Bang)
Bonzer is an intense full bodied coffee comprising high quality arabica and robusta beans. Beans from Southern Colombia, Eastern Uganda, Northern Sumatra and South West India combine to present a pleasant and lingering taste with notes of dark toffee, maple syrup and candied orange.

Stellar ( F060)
Stellar is a medium bodied 100% arabica coffee comprised of beans from Eastern Uganda, Southern Central Ethiopia and Northern Sumatra. It presents as a medium blend with lemon acidity from Ethiopia and an almond and chocolate collaboration of Ugandan and Sumatran origins with a nutty chocolatey finish in milk.