Woolshed Coffee Roasters had humble beginnings in a woolshed in rural Australia. Symbolic of the golden era when Australia rode on the sheep’s back, Woolshed Coffee is an exclusive but authentically Australian brand - genuine to its core.

Woolshed Coffee Roasters only use graded coffee with a score over 80, meaning all our coffee qualifies as being Specialty Grade. Quality is of utmost importance when roasting great tasting single origins and blends; and our guarantee to you is that we only use the best ram from the top paddock. We don’t pull the wool over anyone's eyes!

Our single origin and filter coffees are roasted to maximise the flavour of the regions in which the coffee beans are grown.

We post blend our coffee, meaning that we roast each coffee by origin before mixing them together. This ensures each coffee is roasted to its individual and optimum specification.

It might be a bit slower and take a bit longer to get things right, but that’s the way we do it down on the farm. We also enjoy a yarn or two along the way!


Single Origins and Blends

Woolshed Single Origins

When you want a specific, not your average run of the mill coffee, with a particular one-off original taste then consider using one of our ever changing single origins.

Woolshed Blends

1st X

Like breeding to get a better progeny, our 1st X Blend combines various single origins for a bigger, better, bolder and more complex taste.

Working Dog

Everyone knows that a working dog is a loyal, faithful, hard-working friend who is always there for you. Our Working Dog blend is exactly that - the coffee you can count on to taste great day in day out. It’s man’s best friend!